How to Sell Your Mobile App

Mobile applications (aka mobile app) have became more and more popular since the iPhone was born. Now everyone may choose to develop a famous mobile app to earn money. However, although the process of the application development is important, the sale is really critical to your success. The ideal way to sell your mobile app is following these popular three steps: building a website, introducing to your friends, and popularizing to the public.

First, you must construct your cool website for your mobile app if you would like to have a great beginning. A nice internet portal is like a pretty face of a human being, so your customers will feel comfortable when they visit your website to download your application. To build a great website, you need to devise at least one web page very well if you have very little time to do that. For example, a popular mobile app called Instagram has a simple but convenient front web page. There is a big smart phone photo on the left, a brief description on the right, and a rectangular black download button on the bottom. New visitors can directly know the functions of the application and where to get it. Shortly, a pretty website of your app is just like the fashion clothes which will make your fans feel enjoyable.

Next, you could tell your friends about your amazing app so that you might receive some useful feedback and improve it. You may send your website’s link to your buddies by e-mail or message because you will have already had the website after the first step. This is a necessary step because only the people who know you much may have interests to install the application developed by you. For instance, Philonis is one of my good friends. Also he will always be my first user to try my fresh work. After experiencing it, he usually points out something not good to me such as the ugly icon, the sudden launch without a loading screen, and so on. Then, I’ll modify my application and resend it to him, and he will give me other suggestions if there is still something he doesn’t like. That is to say, it is always good that you try to validate your ideas or works before pushing them to more people.

Finally, you can show your mobile app to the public. There are many methods  for you to pick up: making advertisements, sharing through Facebook or Twitter, and sending your website’s link to more people as invitation. There is a successful game using invite links to grow its users. A person who wants to play this game must invite a friend to join him/her. Consequently, his/her friend will play this game soon. In addition, his/her friend will invite another friend to play with him/her. Moreover, he/she will get some bonus points if he/she invites others to play this game. Quickly, the number of users in this game increases faster and faster, and of course the company who made this game is the winner. For another example, a music application can send the information of the music that you are listening to to Facebook or Twitter automatically. Your friends of Facebook or Twitter will follow the information sent by you to install the music application. That is another way to broadcast your work. If you have already made it, now you can wait for the money coming to you.

It will be truly effective if you follow these steps above. Making mobile applications is fun, and so is selling. Bad sales means wasting time to develop the applications. Wish you good luck!

Water Entertainment

How do you spend your free time? My friends like sitting in front of screens: watching movies or playing games. I always suggest them to go out for fun. I prefer playing with water because water is not only needed by human bodies, but also significant for your life. There are many kinds of water entertainment, which made people pleasure and enjoyable, such as fountains, swimming and fishing.

Fountains are always beautiful and creative. You may see many types of fountains in your city: large, small, simple, or complex. They usually appear in the park. Sometimes you may find one in the square of a tall business building. Reusable water is spurted from the mouth of the fountain’s foundation and falls down later. Several spouts form different great shapes. When you stand next to a fountain and breath, you will feel fresh and comfortable. I like some fountains that are running with lights and music, which are called music fountains. A music fountain can dance with music in a lively rhythm. The spouts will be higher when the music plays stronger. Oppositely, the water goes lower if the tones are quieter. In Dubai, there is the biggest music fountain all over the world, which designed by a famous fountain company named WET and costs 218 million dollars.  It is 275 meters long, and can spurt 150 meters height, as tall as a 50-floor building. Furthermore, it has 6600 lights and 50 colorful projectors. Consequently, over one thousand styles can be made by this magic fountain. Its music comes from many countries. When Dubai Fountain runs, the water, which can be seen 20 miles away, looks like dancing girls moving in good order and smoothly. In short, fountains are pretty if you satisfy with keeping away from water.

If you want to go deeper with water, swimming is the best solution for you. It is a romantic sport. In or beside the swimming pool, there may be some pretty ladies who have grace figures. That’s true. Swimming makes you have a good figure. For example, my friend Emily, who has been slim since she was a child, loves swimming as her favorite sport. She can even swim two thousand meters long just in one hour and a half. In addition, swimming brings you a strong skill to survive. American action movies sometimes have scenarios like this: the house is exploding; the leading character is jumping into the swimming pool or the river and has escaped. In the modern world, swimming is not an optional skill any more. It is necessary for human being. When you swim in a safe lake or river, probably you will meet some fish, and it’s funny to try to catch a fish.

As we know, fishing is a better way than swimming if you would like to catch fish. It’s really challengeable. Last month, I went to the Santa Cruz beach for holiday. I walked around a bridge where many people were fishing on. I saw an old man with gray beard had got three fish whose names were not known by me in his bucket. Nevertheless, other men’s buckets were empty. Still, I saw they were happy and enjoying their fishing. Moreover, fishing is important for me because it is a traditional activity of my family.  My father always has lots of business during weekdays. If he has a vacation, he will take me and go out to fish. My mom will follow us, too. He taught me how to pick fishing hooks and how to prepare the baits when I was young. Besides, my mom often laughed and took us memorial photos. I was extremely happy in these hours even though I could hardly catch a fish. I love my family and to stay together with my parents. That is why I love fishing so much.

In short, listening to music beside a fountain, floating in a swimming pool, or spending family hours by fishing makes our free time colorful, wonderful, and meaningful. Isn’t it better for our health? Come on to enjoy water instead of staying home and watching TV!

The Adaptations of Chinese Institutions

In China, there are a lot of old unbelievable institutions, for China has five thousand history, and the feudal system lasted for more than two thousand years. However, most of them have gone away day by day. What happened in the modern time?

The biggest change is about women. In the past, women must wrap their whole feet with  a strip of cloth firmly since their childhoods. People described it as 3-inch Golden Lotus or Small-feet women. Actually, it was true that their feet were 3-5 inches long. In addition, young ladies were not allowed to walking on the road, and they couldn’t walk long because of their small feet. Instead of that, they had to stay at home doing houseworks. In 1900s, women were liberated, and since then, they played a more and more important role in the new society. Now they have the same position as men at last. Thanks to these changes, we now can see many beauties in the street with pretty clothes.

As to clothes, they are also adjusted a lot. A hundred years ago, men had to wear robes all day while women had to wear well-covered clothes with many layers. Nevertheless, there are many pop T-shirts and jeans in the street now. T-shirts are really comfortable for working, and the jeans are needn’t to wash often. Can you imagine the picture that people wear old-fashion clothes with long levees and skirt walking around or having dinner?

Institutions on dinners have disappeared a lot too. There are several rules on the dinner table that we cannot understand. For example, when you were eating, it was rude if you were chewing with your mouth open, if you crossed your chopsticks, or if you plugged your chopsticks straightly into the bowl of rice. As above, women were not allowed to sit down to have dinner with men together. Nowadays, you can hardly see these strange institutions in Chinese families. As a result, we can chat to our parents,  brothers or friends without any worry during the precious family dinner time on our holidays.

Moreover, the Chinese traditional holidays are not celebrated like old days any more. As well, the sources of these holidays are not important any longer. For instance, April 5th is a traditional holiday called Qingming. On that day, people usually commemorated dead family members in blue in the past. In 2008, the government made it a holiday which people needn’t to work in offices or study in schools. Consequently, families will go out to enjoy happy hours together without sadness. In the other hand, there are some illegal holidays which from foreign countries that people like to celebrate with families even though they have to work such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day; thus the family values become more significant in China.

In conclusions, there are many large adaptions of Chinese traditional institutions. Even though it means that the change makes China not China a little, and the national culture  is blended with western culture, I am still pleasure with that which makes Chinese people fair, open, positive and great.

School Uniforms

Whatever you like school uniforms or not, I am against wearing a school uniform. There are four reasons. First, obviously, school uniforms are boring clothes. When your school asks you to wear a school uniform, that means you lost the freedom of wearing your other pretty clothes, and your classmates will wear the same clothes as you! All the students look like the same! Same shirts, same pants or trousers, and maybe same ties are all over the school grand. How can you easily identify your schoolmate among them? That’s crazy! Second, your school uniforms may cause you in a big trouble to keep them available during the weekdays. Though you don’t care of the fashion, you have to keep your school uniform always clean at least during your school life. In other words, you should wash your this one suite of clothes again, again and again. More times you wash it, older uniform you get it. Emily, My friend, has an old and shabby school uniform which be worn during her four high school years. There are even several small holes! Additional, she has a lot of beautiful clothes stored in boxes and no chance to wear them. Third, the ugly uniforms also make your body and even your mind tie. Without difference and individualization, how the students would grow up? It would be harmful to the students’ personalities. Last, if you are walking in the street as usual, others may infer from your constant uniform that which school you are in. That will makes you or your parents in danger if the information is used by bad guys. For example, three years ago, a teacher-look strange man came into  my neighbor’s home. He said that he was the Math teacher of my neighbor’s son in No. 4 Middle School which he inferred from the son’s student uniform. Then he told the poor parents that their son forgot to take the tuition of the next semester. Unfortunately, my neighbor trusted him and gave him the money. In conclusion, I really disagree being in the school uniforms in above reasons.

Baidu Campus

I had worked for Baidu company for five years in Baidu Campus which is a great building in IT industry. Baidu, who’s major business likes Google, is the biggest internet company in China. Baidu Campus was built in May 2008 and sits in the ZPARK of Zhongguancun, the Silicon Valley of China, in Beijing.  It looks like a large but short cuboid. When you have a chance to look down from above, you will see that Baidu Campus looks like a rectangle box. What does this shape mean? It seems like a search box which you can type keywords in when you are looking for something online with a search engine!  Isn’t it an amazing design? Additionally what is the inner search box? There is a park with a small river and four tiny bridges. Though it looks like a waste of space, it can hold over 10,000 employees. Now you can land in front of the wonderful building. There are seven floors above ground and two below. The front gate looks like an huge arch. When you walk into the building, you’ll see two or three beauties, one or two tall strong guards, and a lot of student-like people waiting to be interviewed. Yes, it is true. Don’t worry. You can follow me directly to upstairs without permissions. The employees are all working above the first floor. They are separated by different departments. For example, the people on the second floor are administrations and on the fourth floor are developers. I worked on the fourth floor, too. I like this floor, for there are two special rooms called Loft by us.  A Loft is an empty space goes though three floors. We can relax, discuss, or play games in it. Another reason is that there is a largest meeting room called Wufujiangzhongtian (All happiness falls together). It may contain up to 500 people easily when an import event is held. What about the top floor of Baidu Campus? The southeast corner of the seventh floor is the office of Robin, our awesome boss of Baidu. I think he may like the feeling of looking down from the highest level. That’s all Baidu Campus is. I am reluctant to say goodbye to this unique beautiful place.

The Voice of China

During these three months, a new TV show called the Voice of China becomes famous in lots of families and on the internet in China. Why does it get successful in a few days? Most importantly, it is really fair. The form of that is different from other singer-select-show entertainment program. There are four judges who are stars mostly known by people in each contest. Singers come to the stage and sing one by one. Differently, before a singer coming out, the judges sitting in swivel chairs turn their back to the stage. Then it is the singer’s show. When a judge is shocked or moved by this singer, he will push a big red button on the chair, then the chair will rotate, and the judge will face the singer. That means the singer is accepted and selected as a student by this big star. In other words, judges can only hear the voice to judge without the singer’s looks. Isn’t it an exactly way to find a good voice? Secondly, the voices of competitors are quite clear and pretty. Singers can relax and do not worry about their clothes, shoes, and even ugly faces. They can give people the enjoyable sound as their best. For example, the first singer of the first show, He Huang, a 20-year-old girl from a small town, gave us a wonderful and passional song in bare feet. Also it is very interesting. As above, an acceptance or a selection of the singer means he can become a trainee of the judge who turns and faces him. What about two, three or four acceptances appearing? That means a competition among judges is coming. Each judge may show his charm or advantage or benefit for the singer and may doubt the other judges. The lucky singer should choose only one judge as his teacher. Another example, Kun Yang, a judge, also a modern star, always makes himself cry to move the singer, yet other judges will say that the crying is fake. That always makes me laughing out loud. Finally, this great show is positive. The unusual singers-choose-teacher rule makes people excited. As usual, we consider that students belong to the vulnerable group, but this program changes them to a higher level and is full of encouragements. This is the main reason I love it. In conclusion, the Voice of China is popular and agreed quickly by Chinese, for it is truly a distinctive,  amused, and warm show.