Start trying Ghost today

Start trying Ghost today

I have been using Wordpress for many years. It's probably the time to switch to some modern app such as Ghost to catch up with the world.

Ghost(Pro) is really appealing. After several hours consideration, I still decide to build one by my own, to also train my docker skills as well.

If you are reading this because you are asking yourself the same question, I would definitely suggest  to choose Ghost(Pro) instead. I choose to build from scratch because I have an existing docker platform and other required resources like MySQL server and Email services. If you don't have those ready, $9/mon is really a sweet deal.

Gotta say, building Ghost is not that easy as I imagined. After several hours of struggling with docker images and environment settings, I met a big problem: where is the admin portal (or they call it Admin Client)? I tried /admin, /login, /register and none works. After filtered several outdated Google results, I finally found the right answer: /ghost. I almost try to build another docker for github: TryGhost/Admin...

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